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FAQ/What To Expect When Having Your Home Painted

Freshley painted interior and porch


1. The first thing Cowart’s custom painting will do, in most cases, is pressure wash and apply a mild house cleaning solution to all exterior surfaces. While we are at it, we will make sure all gutters are clean and operational.

2. We then caulk all seams and cracks to ensure a nice uniform finish. This also keeps water from getting into where it does not belong.

3. We mask all areas not to be painted to protect from overspray and drips. Masking usually will not be up for more than one week.

4. We spray and backroll all siding or backbrush depending on the style of siding. And hand-apply paint-on trim.

5. Finally, we add a thorough clean up and walk through to ensure customer satisfaction.


1. Cowart’s custom painting can move all large items if necessary, but we will ask that all fragile, or easily broken items, be moved by the homeowner.

2. All areas not to be painted will be masked and protected. Again, this is usually not for more than a week in any one area. We understand that most homes are occupied and that your comfort is our first priority.

3. We do most interiors by hand. However, in some instances a spray application looks best. We can make that decision on site.

4. Color consultation is one of our specialties. If you have any questions about what color might fit best in an area please ask during the consultation.

5. We add a final clean-up and a walk through to make sure you are absolutely satisfied.